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Help TwentyForSeven!

Okay you guys TFS is trying to win a Woodie and they need our help! Go on twitter and tweet:
” twentyforseven @tfsofficial for the #collegeartistwoodie!”
To the twitter account: @mtvu
Every tweet helps!
Reblog this and spread the word! Thanks! xx

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TwentyForSeven’s cover of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars! Like it? Click here to check out their other covers.

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Who else was super excited about the All I Ever Wanted video?! Great song and amazing bass! Perfect, so excited to hear more! 

Click here to check out their YouTube!

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Updates & Suggestions!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately you guys! Senior year has been crazy busy for the both of us! Thanks for sticking with the blog though, we’ll try to update with something soon! What do you guys want to see more of?

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TFS Official Fan Twitter!

The boys made an official fan Twitter! Want to follow it? Click here. There will be information about contests and other things tweeted there!  

Other people to Follow on Twitter:






TFS Official Twitter

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Hope you all have a happy, safe Christmas Eve!



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Anonymous asked: "how old are the boys?"

They’re all in their early twenties. 

Corey- 20 (11/7/92)

Matt- 20 (4/19/92)

Rajiv- 21 (2/26/91)

Blake- 21 (11/25/91)

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the-human-giraffe asked: "Oops, I put that under fan mail. Anyways, my favorite TFS account! Love these boys xxx"

Thanks! We love them too! So glad you like our blog! xx

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What do you guys think of TFS Best of 2012 Pop Music Mashup? (x)

Click here and check out their other videos! 

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Happy Holidays!

Sorry we haven’t been posting much lately! We appreciate all of our new and old followers! Want to follow us on twitter click here.